guiding principles

No. 1

Wake up, kick ass, repeat. Wake up …

No. 3

Create web awesomeness, rinse, repeat.

No. 2

Great is the entry fee. Average the enemy.

No. 4

Be grateful, always. Stay humble, forever.

Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

Three parts to this: 

  • Wake up simply signifies getting a good start to each day.  It is about seizing the day as an entrepreneur.
  • Kick Ass is about getting things done without any excuses.  Accomplishing that which you set out to, no matter what the obstacles might have been.
  • Last is the word Repeat. This means continuous improvement, day after day, chipping away at your goals.  It is also about the miracle of compounding, which is investing a little effort (or money, or time, or whatever) each day with the goal of seeing extraordinary compound returns in the years ahead.

Great is the entry fee. Average the enemy.

There was a time when mediocrity was good enough to run a successful web venture.  This when the web was fairly new and there were still huge gaps in dozens upon dozens of market.  That was then and this is now.

Fast forward to 2016 and internet adoption rates are near 100% in the U.S. and has additionally skyrocketed in emerging market countries.  The fallout is that compeitition is fierce in natuyre and global in scope.

Great is now merely the cost of admission.  As for average, well, average is the enemy of great. 

Create web awesomeness, rinse, repeat.

We are fanatical about good design. We are obsessed with web optimization. We want to redesign the web. All of it. And if that’s not possible, we’d be OK with redesigning a good portion of it.

We create Web Awesomeness. We then rinse it out and repeat it. To rinse out means analyze for areas of improvement and to learn from past mistakes. The repeat is to use our same Web Awesomeness toolkit and system, then combine it with the latest areas of improvement and the end result is more web awesomeness.

Be grateful, always. Stay humble, forever.

No matter how far up the food chain you climb, stay humble always, as there is no guarantee you will stay there. No matter where you are at now, stay grateful, as there is always someone out there worse off than you.

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